Friday, June 25, 2010


I know I havent posted in almost a week but I work in a school and this is the week that was hectic.  Graduation, stepping up, award ceremonies, prom, end term dinner, and the usual business has made me exhausted.  My jewelry business is at a full stop (although I found time to order more beads....turquoise, cant wait to get them) and my reading has stopped also.  So, I am looking forward to summer where I will get up late, read, stay on my diet, take side trips, and delve into my jewelry business.
I will be in the process of cleaning up my jewels - there are so many beads and scrabble tiles I dont use so maybe this weekend I will take pictures and put them on ebay or etsy so I can purchase newer beads....

If anyone is on the lookout for scrabble tiles for crafting let me know.....I think I still have some left....

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