Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Breast Cancer

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer for 2010 has started its campaign to raise money to once again try to wipe out this terrible disease.  Unfortunately this disease has hit people I work with more than once and once again I will be walking in Prospect Park come October.....so this time I am starting to reach out to people to give what they can, $5, $10- whatever you can afford. 

The above link brings you to my page through the American Cancer Society website - donations are secure....I will be posting pictures of the latest walk - we call ourselves the Honeybees, for a friends sister......My goal is $2500 ......


  1. Breast Cancer Awareness may be one of the most important causes to affect our generation. The survival rate for breast cancer is at almost 90% and most of this is because woman are becoming aware.

  2. Hi! I'm visiting from New Friend Friday and I have enjoyed looking at your jewlery. I love the 3 ambers earrings enticing fall necklace. I'm don't weaar alot of jewelry....I spend way too much time in the garden! lol
    I am involved in supporting relay for life locally and every little bit helps!
    Best to you in your etsy endeavors as well as your walk!

  3. Thank you Sharon Glad you like my jewelry....it is a side business which I enjoy.

    If everyone got involved in helping everywhere, the world would be a better place.....a little bit goes a long way when we all pitch in...