Friday, May 7, 2010


Friday finally.  Had so much to do today like go to Costco, need stuff for the house and do instead I went out for Deli with hubby, son and his girlfriend....and here I am blogging....ok, so laundry can wait.

Posting this latest necklace where I made the beads myself of polymer clay.  Got off the eyeglass holder thing for a while since they are selling like hotcakes.  I dont even have time to put them in my store.  Sold 3 out of the 5 I have already....Not sure I will sell this necklace,,,,,may wear it instead and see what happens......or wait until next week to put it online...dont know yet.  Busy weekend ahead...grandkids Saturday night and then Mom's Day at our house.....ordering Chinese Food because I dont believe in restaurants for mothers day......too crowded.  Supposed to be nice out, will have the deck to sit on, relax and maybe take alot of pictures for my blog next week...

In the meantime, have a Great Mother's Day!!!!

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