Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Last day of Spring Break

OK so we were off to a good start.  The Mets won their first season game....hooray - better than the Yankees did -(sorry DIL)  but there is a long haul in front of us.  But at least Spring is here and the trees are budding.  Was actually outside on the deck yesterday blowing bubbles with the grandkids.  Got this cool machine that blows 5000 bubbles - had the whole yard filled up - pictures to follow......So other than spring break being over, all is good - think I will bar b q this weekend....that always makes a great day better.......


  1. Hi=)

    Stopping by from New Friend Friday!
    When I saw the blue/orange of the Mets I just couldn't resist but to leave a comment.

    I haven't met a Mets in Ufff....such a long time that I'm super excited to know that there is someone that is close enough to my hometown.

    I saw that you were from Brooklyn, I'm from Queens, NY though now I live in TX due to my husband being in the military.

    So glad to meet you and I wish you a great weekend!


  2. I'm sorry to add this in a separate comment but I just realized that I forgot to give you a link to my new blog if you would like to come by later its http://thereforeiblog.com/


  3. Thanks Karen for being a Mets fan...hopefully the season will get better...but I still love them. I am also a Cyclone fan and go to loads of their games..the grandkids just love them....following your blog too.