Monday, February 15, 2010


Well, they are predicting snow - surprise, surprise....I think we have had enough - we had less than others but still enough.  I need the spring...where are you.  But this weather enables me to read and right now the book I am reading is great.  I have a Kindle and the books get downloaded in no time and I am 30% into the book.  I have read Dani Shapiro before but this book - a memoir - is not usually my kind of book - I am more into mysteries - but lo and behold I cant stop reading.  If you ever get a chance - pick this one up.  It's entertaining and inspirational and thought provoking.  We can all stand a little deep down inside soul searching and this book makes you look at life from a different angle and actually question yourself.  I have already started making notes on this book.  It questions our existence, our beliefs, our family - our lives....

Still waiting for my camera - cant wait to get started with it.  Plan to take some great pictures and will post here.  But when I checked it isnt even shipped out yet.  Probably on Friday they say.  Hope soon as I want to use it for alot of upcoming family events.  Well, going back to my book - check out if you are  a reader......

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