Monday, January 11, 2010

time to reflect

Well the new year hasnt been going as planned.  The diet stinks - altho I lost 4 lbs, I have already gained back 2.....1000 calories wasnt doing it so I upt it 200 cal and gained 2 lbs.  Everyone said 1000 cal was not enough to survive- granted I was hungry - thought 200 more cal would be ok and here I am gaining again.  Cant seem to get a handle on this diet thing.  Know I should up my exercise and hope when the weather gets better I will start walking.  Until then, I guess I just have to hang on.

On the other hand, my jewelry is at a lull.  Cant seem to find the time to go upstairs and be creative.  I suppose it is my fault because I should just make the time but the week goes too fast and as long as the kids are here I cant go up and by the time they go home - too tired.  Like now.   If I go upstairs it will be so late when I finish I wont be able to get up tomorrow. 

You know what I would like to do?  Take a day off from work and just stay in my room and make jewelry.  Ahh so sweet.  Well I really have to get some priorities in order - wonder what other people do. I read blogs and articles of all these creative people who seem to have the time to create.  Maybe the next time I blog I will be able to show some jewelry here.....dont give up on me.....I may surprise you......


  1. 1000 calories is REALLY too low. I talked to my doctor and he said if I'm working out, I need between 1400 and 1600. Then he recommended and I'm going to try that for four weeks to kick start the weight loss -- some of my medication makes losing weight pretty difficult.

    BEST WISHES!!!!!

  2. You are right in one way. I was starving on 1000 cal. but when I upt it to 1200 I gained the 2 lbs. Now I am back down to 1000 cal and lost 2 lbs. I havent been working out, which is my next step - and I am also on medications - blood pressure and cholesterol meds - my BP has been rising so much I am on two meds for it. I really get depressed on this whole weight loss thing. I will look into - right now I am on really need to have something work...will keep posting though and hanging in there.....good luck to you too....