Tuesday, January 19, 2010

If I could save time in a bottle....

Wouldnt that be nice!  To save time in a bottle.  Use it when we want - not turn around and another day is gone.  I am just getting older - thats why I think about these things.  But one cant mull over things that are not in one's ability to change.  So I sit here on my computer instead of finishing off the pendants I finally sat down to make yesterday....because I am also waiting to do laundry downstairs - while my beads are upstairs.....wishing I lived on one level.  I had a three day weekend and want to know where the time went.  I sometimes fantasize about retirement and all that I will do because of all the time I have but sometimes I wonder if I would really use this time in the way I want or would I be inclined to be outside and running about.  I have a list of things I want to do when I retire - shop at bead stores, go to bead shows, take up walking - actually have a routine to walk!......go to lunch/dinner with friends.....go to shows in the afternoon, during the week.......go to galleries and museums.....the list never ends.   Also, I want to take jewelry classes but they are usually during the day.  Found this great shop in Queens that gives classes during the day and although they have some on weekends I never find the time to go because after working all week and babysitting, the weekends are for finishing up all my errands.  Things like food shopping.....So I will end now so I can decide between laundry downstairs or beading upstairs.......Mmmm

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