Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Why do I call it the "Good Year".  Because this is the year I will lose weight.  OK Ive said that before and tried it before but nothing works for me - not WW or starving.  But I got a rude awakening yesterday at the doctors and he wasnt happy with my BP of 160/80 especially since I am on two BP medications.  He was going to increase the dosage but said he would give me one more month to lose.  So how do I do that?  He said starve, I said I will get a headache; he said take aspririn, I said I will get a stomach ache; he said take Pepcid -- does this ever end.  I dont like him anyway - every problem I have is because of my weight - OK it doesnt help but when my chest pains turned into a gall bladder problem - it wasnt bc of my weight.

Anyway, neither here nor there - I started a diet yesterday and will see what happens.  Hooked up with caloriecounter.com and am counting calories....not bad so far, doc said keep it at 1000 - which I am told is low but maybe I need a jumpstart.  So I put this little bar on my website and it shows percentage of loss--- so I am hoping by Monday (my weigh in day) it will change.......The bar has a beach scene - my goal is for the summer to be at least 25 lbs lighter.....anything over that is cream (which I shouldnt have, lol).......

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