Friday, November 20, 2009 'em

Well, finally the weekend is here and maybe, just maybe I will get to beading again.  That is in between preparing for Thanksgiving.  I bought all the items needed to make polymer beads myself and cant wait to start - tomorrow I hope.  So keep an eye as hopefully by next week I will have the beads posted here and on my website:

Cant decide if I just want to make beads or use them to make jewelry.  I ordered 120 chains - half gold, half silver - so can use them to nake nice necklaces with my beads.  Havent decided yet.  During the week I managed to squeeze out two pairs of wired earrings and a necklace - blue is the color of choice; now have to photo them and post them online.  So many beads; so little time.

Just saw im the neighborhood that a local school is having a holiday fair and are looking for vendors. Never did that before and wondering if it is worth the trouble.  It is two nights so maybe I will call them and see what they charge for a table.  Might be worth it....mmmm.

Well, going to rest up for a bit, so keep a lookout, I will be back soon......

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