Friday, November 6, 2009


Well, finally the weekend is here.  Has been a hectic day since early in the morning.  My plans to sit down after work and bead went out the window.  Started the day with a 911 call and didnt stop until now and still not done.  Waiting for a call to take the boys home.  Even after work was busy taking my son to pick up his car at the collision place - it has been two weeks since the accident and then followed him to the rental place to return the loaner.  Then did homework with grandson and ate cheese for dinner.....have no energy otherwise and think after we take the boys home will just sit and crash.  Maybe tomorrow I will bead, it is getting harder and harder to find time for me.  I have so many ideas piling up and the weather is supposed to be nice this week and all week long.  Maybe Wednesday when I am off I can do some beading.  Where do people find time.  Sales are slow anyway but hoping with the holidays coming up my store will pick up a bit.  Hope to post some new items here this weekend....keep a look out.......

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