Monday, October 5, 2009

Where is everyone?

Been trying to stir up some business and have links back to my store on etsy and also links to this blog site.  Guess the weather has been so good no one is online and so I am just waiting.  But the creativity in me has stirred and I am now working on two different necklaces.  At least thats what doing this week.  Something simple and also using seed beads. 

I was so excited yesterday because I finally sold another item on etsy.  Guess it is just a slow process but really need to get my stuff out there.  Just no time.  I am thinking of new business cards and hopefully that will help, plus some emails.  Will continue to work on it.  Today I received a new magazine - Beadwork - and have been finding alot of new ideas in it. 

Sorry I missed the bead show yesterday too; hopefully will be able to go to the whole bead show in manhattan in a few weeks.

OK dinner is calling and maybe then will get upstairs.

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