Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm Here

Well, Sunday was a wash out.  Never got to the park for Making Strides Walk because of the downpour Noreaster that hit us that day.  Although we did raise over $5000 and that was the main idea.  Meantime, did some beading.  Trying to find out how to make polymer beads and what I have to do to get started, havent a clue.  Meantime I am now not only selling on Artfire as AgShap but also selling on Zibbet.com as Beader Bubbe.  So if you have a chance check out the sites.  Zibbet needs some finishing touches and I have a slew of jewelry still not on yet, but will get there.  Come blog with me - do alot of blogging on Flickr if you are on there.  Nice bunch of people - I also am on Beaders Showcase which is a world of information.....dont know how I find time to bead???

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