Thursday, October 8, 2009


OK so getting into the business part of my jewelry store but not doing any actual beading.  I am hoping for rain this weekend so I can actually sit down and make some more pieces.  Then will photo them and list them on etsy.  Just cant find the time.  So for a change thought I would try something new.  Read somewhere everyone loves free so putting up some of my pendant on etsy with free shipping.  I am doing a showcase this weekend and hopefully there will be some feedback and some lookers and maybe some buyers.  I am also going to change my banner but havent decided yet on what it will be.  Got to look into photoshop and do something with it....maybe this weekend, like I said, a little rain will help....or I can go shopping at Lady Janes and get some more  beads.  LOL  We will see what happens.  Meantime, please leave comments and follow my blog.....


  1. Hi,

    thank you so much for visiting my blog.
    Hope you had fun at Lady Janes buying beads, looking forward to see your Etsy store.


  2. Thanks Melanie - my favorite pastime..buying beads. Love to blog, you meet so many interesting people...