Sunday, October 4, 2009


Well been busy between holidays and work and kids and just tired.  But tonight I will be going upstairs early and work on my beading...that is after a shower and putting away laundry.  So hopefully there will be some new items to be listed here and sold on etsy.  Speaking of etsy - I sold another necklace - so excited, maybe my store will be starting to pay off.  It has been slow go and just when I thought it wasnt worth it, I make a sale.  Also must work on advertising.  Cant really afford anything high but will see what I can do. 


  1. I know what u mean about low sells right now. I've been reading LOTS of Etsy info and I've noticed so many sellers saying that sales are low. The good news~they say that it's already time to prepare for Christmas shoppers and that sales should start going up very soon. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

  2. Yes,that's why I am going to make sure every weekend I manage to make some new items - this way I will have lots to list for the holidays which are around the corner. But I find even when I dont sell - I really enjoy making my jewelry - and I can always give as gifts for the holiday...