Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy Birthday

Not mine.  My baby's birthday - 27 today.  He is the youngest of five and cant believe where all that time went.  We had a great night, went out to dinner, me, hubby, son and his girlfriend.  Food was good, too much but will have to walk ot off over the next few days.  Too late to bead but that's ok, somehow will get to my beading table by the end of the week.....BTW cancelled my previous blog at MYBLOGLOG because got strange contacts and had a problem with one of my emails.  Not sure its coming from there but was uncomfortable so I cancelled out the blog.  I am on enough and the ones that count are the ones where my jewelry is pushed and discussed.  This latest blog wasnt and thought it best to eliminate it.  Got to be careful out there these days. 

Ordered more beads (surprise?) and one of these days will sit and make more jewelry.  Got to get started pushing and selling and have been reading on making people check out my website at etsy and buy something.  Well getting late, will check back again, sooner I hope.  Now that the weather is getting colder there will be more inside time....

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