Sunday, August 9, 2009

Start of Vacation

This is the start of my vacation days, especially since there are only 3 more weeks before we report back to school. Will do alot of jewelry - plan to devote 2 hours a day to making them. Have been asked to do a flea market; havent decided yet - have time for that. Have beach passes going to use and just relax. Will make some side trips also. The time is flying by and dont even want to think of work but it will be here soon. Like working with glass so might look into some jewelry classes....maybe KCC has some....sorry I didnt go to the Bklyn bead show but they cancelled that one, might make the NJ one - otherwise there is a NYC one in Oct. Got my postcards hope to give them out soon and must push the website. It seems people are checking it out, but very little sales.....time will show as I just started this business and it will take time. Well did my BBQ today and didnt get rained out; now getting ready to go to Cyclone least they are doing better than the Mets.....

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