Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rings Rings & Rings

Well here I am today on a hot hot day and I should be beading but don't know why I don't. I seem to be better at it at night. Like last night - I watched this video on making rings and went upstairs and made two of them. Of course I put them on etsy and we will see what happens but I am fascinated on making them. Hope to go upstairs again and make some more. Meantime is is too hot to do anything - even put the sprinklers on - but might for the kids; but they don't seem to want to go out either.

Maybe I will bring my beads downstairs since it is cooler here. We'll see....Meantime looking for some more exciting things to make. Kerene took some of my pendants into work and hopefully she will be able to sell them. Still want to do a flea market - but can't seem to find the time...maybe one day.....until then keep on beading......

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