Friday, July 17, 2009


OK it's been awhile. But between the kids and trying to make jewelry and other things like housework (lol) I have been busy. and tired....still get up early, cant sleep late so that should give me more time. Still have alot to do, working on downstairs to clear up things so the kids have a playroom and the toys dont come up here. Want to put my jewelry business downstairs but afraid the kids will get into it. So for now it remains in my computer room which has to be redone also to make room for my beads. I keep ordering and writing down ideas but dont have time to make. The summer is going, they are advertising back to school already. I must put aside a few hours a day for me.

I did manage to complete a necklace, shown here, and at - so take a look. I am now shipping outside the US so maybe business will pick up. Know it is summer and alot of people are on vacation. Have to finish laundry now and then going to the cyclone game tonight....

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