Friday, July 3, 2009

Love Summer

Love summer; sitting out on patio or back deck; reading, relaxing and relishing - these are the 3 R's I like. The weather could be better but when it rains I just have more time to bead which is my passion. Bought beautiful beads and focal beads so keep a lookout for more jewelry and accessories to come. Starting on Monday since I dont work holidays - although this is not work; just my passion. Maybe some day I will sell at local flea markets or open a store. One never knows. Meantime I enjoy this new craft I have found and will continue to do so. I am already commissioned to make someone a beautiful necklace, so will work on that next and then will be posting other keep an eye out for where you will find my work.....Now to go outdoors while the sun is still shining....Happy 4th to all.....

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