Sunday, January 11, 2009

Just started 2009

Well, just went ahead and did it. Something new. Is that what I need? I ordered the beads, tools and wire. I even ordered a trial magazine subscription. I am very excited about this new career of sorts. I need something else to do besides work (which I am getting closer to retirement soon and then what will I do?) This will be part time and will see if it takes off. Maybe I will open a bead shop; maybe I will just sell out of the house. We will see. This is a new year and this is a new me. I cant wait for my order to come (in a few days) and right now will just do it on weekends....will bring in some items to school where I work and try to sell them. Let's see what happens. I am off in the summers; maybe try a flea market? Mmmm possible. So many possibilities.....I am a mother of 5; grandma of 6 and love my husband first and my life second. But feel I need a little something more.....maybe this is it...Who knows?

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