Monday, July 31, 2017

Five is all you Need

It comes in a box and all you need is in this box.  Only five products and unless you are in the movie business, you don't need so much.  I use it every day - at least some of it and feel very confident that this is all I need.

The A-Box has five products....

Eyeliner (needed to make my small eyes bigger (otherwise you wont be able to see them....I was born with very small eyes, but the eyeliner brings them out - or at least I look awake)

Mascara - unless you have fake eyelashes or those that are permanently put on - you can find my lashes and some mascara makes them stand out - I switch between black and brown black depending on my mood and dress.

Lipstick - never leave home without it.  Are you a red person or do you go for the lighter colors like the pinks.  Actually I am more neutral - maybe a nude or beige color.

Eye shadow - not a big wearer of it but sometimes I do add for a bit of color if I am going someplace special.

And finally Nail Polish - while I do not buy any - I do try many colors on at the nail salon....a big wearer of French Manicure and Pedicure....actually doing that this coming weekend.

Do you think you can get along with just 5 makeup beauty items?  If so, what are your "must haves"?

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