Thursday, April 11, 2013

What's next.....

I often am at a loss for words....ha ha.....that surely doesn't sound like me.  Just ask hubby....get me on the phone and I can talk for hours....I have no problem at work either...and the lunch hour just goes flying by and is way too short.

So how come when I sit at my computer and try to think of something to write for my blog, I can honestly say.....what's next?

So sometimes I cheat and a google - bing - for a blog prompt.  Is that really cheating or is it just a mind jogging type of thing.  Anyway, a few minutes ago I did a search and came up with......"What's the hardest thing you ever had to learn?"  Ok, so I can talk about bike riding, skiing, cooking, and even a new job.  But I really looked around and thought hard and came up with the following.....

   yes, motherhood.  We don't get manuals, we don't have someone over us constantly directing us...and even those baby books don't tell us everything.  As a mother of five, who didn't have anyone to turn to.....except hubby who was learning along with me.....I often made do with common sense, and many a night of not knowing what to do.  It was hard to learn how to change  diaper, hard to know what to feed your child - are pacifiers good or not?  When is a baby too cold or too hot.....I even remember asking the doctor if I can put on the air conditioner in the summer....who knew?

It's a scary job - one we don't get enough appreciation for....and the only reward to doing the job is a child's smile, or kiss, or holding your hand...because they are precious moments that do not last forever.....and if anyone says its an easy job.....don't listen to them...its the hardest thing you will ever have to learn.....but its also the most rewarding.....

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