Saturday, January 26, 2013

Too much cleaning...

of ourselves.  Don't you think?  I just read a facebook post by a mother who showed her child's hands ...they were so chapped...and why, because the school has sanitizers that the children must use ward off germs?  I must be old because in my day, with all my kids (5) I always thought a little dirt wont hurt.  In fact, I was never a sanitizer...they got that dirty, in the bathtub they went.

    We didn't have wet ones....we put a wet wash rag in a plastic bag to clean up before eating or after eating.  They played in dirt....bath time was fun those days.  It seems to me that we are putting our children in a bubble...don't get hurt, don't get dirty....and their resistance is so low....they get sick.  Having chapped hands on a child is not the way to go.  I keep sanitizer on my desk (I work in a school) but the only time I use it is if I sneeze into my hands....which is rarely.  I do use wipes on the phone if someone uses it....but otherwise I think we overdue the sanitizing bit to the point where we are bringing our resistance way down.

What do you think?

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  1. sanitizers are way's been proven that they are NOT as good as old fashioned hand washing...


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