Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday finally

This has been a long week and a hectic one.  Between the holidays, shopping, cooking and kids in and out of the house....I am pooped.  So this weekend I have decided to chuck it all.  I plan on relaxing, with minimal house work - I must do a laundry though.  Although that may be a job because my access to the laundry room is blocked - they put up plastic to reduce the dust coming upstairs while they are working downstairs.  I dont think its working.

So now to go to my laundry room I must exit front door, go around to the side door and enter that way.  Will have to ask my son to do the carrying for me.  But it does beat going to the laundrymat and waiting there 3-1/2 hours to do laundry.  I also have a memorial service for a close friend who died recently......a tragic story.  He was standing talking to someone in a car but on the drivers side in the street and was hit by a car.

And on Sunday I am planning to put some time in my craft room and finish the bracelet I started for a friend's mom and do a few more items for my Etsy shop.  I have cat charms I would like to make into earrings and a few beautiful beads I want to work with.

Planning on putting this bracelet up for sale this weekend also......have a happy one.

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