Sunday, November 25, 2012

With the holidays almost here...

I am reading more and more posts that are selling or promoting products.  I understand this brings business (I do it myself sometimes) but I find myself looking more for the stories behind the blog than the promotions.

 I love stories about families, pregnancies, trips, life, work, and debatable forgive me if I skip over your promotion blog - although some of them pique my interests, especially toys.....but I love delving into life stories - and just seeing how the other half lives....especially loved the Thanksgiving stories I read from all over  -- keep those stories coming....

I also like stories about your it started and where you are right now.  I understand every one has a different way of writing and their purpose is their own.  So just saying....I go for the stories - not the promotions and especially not the giveaways....maybe I am just getting old and dont have the patience to enter them.  I love tutorials....especially those about jewelry.  So many creative people out there....

What kind of blogs do you read?

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