Monday, November 19, 2012

Slowly we are getting better...

It has been getting better. Slowly everyday we are putting the pieces back together again.  Yes, it's hard having a third adult in the house - who doesnt follow house rules.....easy ones, like wash out your coffee cup when done....and his crazy dog who barks all day at nothing at all, or every little sound is driving us to drink.....

But we are healing and the house although wont be normal until downstairs is fixed, is slowly getting neater.  I have put all the extra things we managed to save from downstairs into boxes and making the room look neater.

Meanwhile, they did finally total my car and although we are waiting for the check, we did go out and order the new cars - credit cards are wonderful - My son has no car now and I have the rental....but we do share.

Because of all the boxes all over, I just couldnt do Thanksgiving, but my oldest son has taken over the honors and we will be going to his house on Thursday....planning on making a few dishes and bringing desserts....overall - we  are  very  blessed...:)

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  1. i'm sorry for all your troubles! what an awful storm, have a happy thanksgiving with your loved ones


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