Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Madness

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Today I had an appointment with my doctor who has given me my life back.  You see I have been in terrible pain (the past two years) and walking was very difficult for me...I had been to numerous doctors - "lose weight" "your veins are the problem" "rest your feet" "do more walking" - as you can see, everyone had a different remedy.  None of which worked.

And then one day I was surfing the internet...and found alot of the symptoms I had could be followed by a neurologist ..- asking around, one was recommended by a good friend and I went to see her last month.
She diagnosed me as having "peripheral neuropathy" and gave me some pills to take twice a day.....and gave me my life back.  I now can walk without pain and burning sensation in my legs.  I wake up without pain and look forward to the day.  I no longer take pain killers, therefore no longer have stomach pains and upsets from them.....which goes to show you when you have the right doctor and right diagnosis.....things can be so much better. 

She monitors me very well giving me complete blood tests.  She even believes in vitamins.  I currently have hand tremors.....she recommended Vitamin B2 and to cut down (not out) on the coffee.....both of which helped tremendously.  I have even learned to drink decaf if I really wanted another cup in the evening.  She also suggested a glass of wine to calm my nerves....a doctor after my own heart.

Feeling so much better...I have decided to try to walk more, in order to remove the remaining weight i must get rid's to good health......

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  1. So glad you've found a quack that actually listens to you - and then can help! Hope it keeps up - and good luck with the walking.

    I try to walk some each day, too: it has been so much easier recently with a canine grand daughter to exercise: somehow, that makes walking so much easier! However, despite walking some 3 miles a day for the last 3 weeks (being towed!) although I seem to have lost inches, the ounces seem to stay in place!

    Hope you have more luck! Zumba here I come: that did help, once a week!


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