Sunday, April 8, 2012

Has this happened to you?

I finally found the time to go for a much needed haircut.  Got up early, ate a quick breakfast and ran over to the hairdresser....who was soooo time is the busiest time for him  But we managed to get into the chair somehow.  On the bench nearby I left my bag and vest (it was warm out) to get my hair washed and then proceeded to the chair.


I wasnt worried leaving my things there as hubby was sitting next to them.  Finally finished with the haircut and feeling great, we proceeded to get into the car to continue with shopping, etc..  While hubby stopped to go to the bank, I decided to check my email on my cell...............what cell? it wasnt in my bag and no where around.


I am now frantic that I have lost half my life because as we all know everything is in my phone...dates, numbers, lists, birthdays, etc   --- I frantically drove back to the salon and searched phone - did someone steal it?

And then hubby did a brilliant thing and called my phone number  ----- and the phone rang ---- in the car ----- in the back seat ----- in my vest pocket.......I think I am losing it because I dont remember putting the phone there...........I need a vacation!

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