Saturday, April 14, 2012

Closed no Open

As some of you know, I haven't been feeling like myself for awhile now. Having leg problems and then dental problems -well I have been a little off my mark nowadays

I had contemplated closing my Etsy shop because my jewelry wasn't selling and I was running out of ideas on boosting my shop. Even being part of BESTeam was not helping.

But through my illness I took off some time from both BESTeam and blogging.... I have been off this week trying to baby myself back to health, and today is dentist day so I will see how my infection is coming along.

Along with that I have had a total of 5 more sales this past week and a half from such exotic lands as Hawaii and Greece and some locals also.

Feeling better and making those sales has inspired me to continue my shop and even to make some more jewelry and be more creative. I tried some glass pendants and am working on a beautiful beaded necklace.

 I think I can make a go of my Etsy store and feeling better about I will remain open, order more business cards and push a little more......the weather here today is gong to hit the 70s.....feeling like get out and have a great day......

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  1. Glad you decided to keep your store open--have just found you through BlogFrog. I love that you have a book review page-- I love to read and review books myself, and belong to Goodreads,too. I have found so many cool Indie authors that I might never have heard of before- I am so glad there are platforms like this available for people nowadays.


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