Sunday, January 29, 2012

It's Sunday and......

the last time I was here was Wednesday.....where did all those days go.  The older I get, the faster the days fly we not have 24 hours per day anymore?  Well, I guess it is because this was a hectic week, not only at work (school) but also home because children in both places have been sick.  Constant vomiting has sent home many kids in classes this week.....then my daughter got sick along with her son.....he ran high fevers all week.  Another had bronchitis with such a terrible cough.  That he was put on a nebulizer.

So now you know why I havent been blogging....then Saturday comes along and this is the only time I had to go shopping.  Still trying to get my kitchen in order, so bought two nice carts for each corner to hide all the stuff (where does it come from) that I use constantly.

And then there is this game I totally got hooked on and am playing with a dozen friends and others.....called WORDS WITH FRIENDS.............

  so if I am not on my phone playing it......I also have it on my Kindle Fire.....between reading and playing this I know why there isnt enough time in the day......but it keeps my mind busy which at my age is important......

Do you have a favorite game on the internet that you play? And how does it interfere in the things you have to do......wait, do you really have to do things?  Life is short......make words!

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