Monday, November 28, 2011

How many are you on?

Recently I made an account of just where I was......internet wise.....I run a jewelry business on line...Beader Bubbe's Shop and have reached out to fellow bloggers at but then things sort of got out of hand and I started joining.....

Twitter and Facebook ....thought that would be enough but didnt realize how many ways there are to connect with people all over......There is Google Connect which I understand will no longer be in March 2012 and now I have to move over to Google+....which I am still setting up....There is also Pinterest......I do love pinning all those beautiful pictures.......and since Twitter is not enough, I hooked up with Hootsuite where I can twitter too......I recently got connected with Stumbler and you can also find me on the links dont hook up....just do a search for Beader Bubbe......

I also belong to so many sites and follow so  many people....too many to list here......hooked up with some great people on since I love reading books.  Somehow I wonder how I keep it all straight...My latest is the The Mom Blog Society which is a great group of moms sharing and caring....lots of giveaways and advice and coupons.....

Then there is also the Blog Frog Friends who never cease to amaze me on all the topics they bring up.....never at a loss for words or ideas.....I opened a community and embedded it into my own personal blog......whenever I am at a loss for words I hop on over to see what everyone is blogging about and join right in....I am also a member of BESTeams in where a group of us do weekly features on several shops to give a boost to their doing this and making a fine group of friends......

I am sure I am leaving something out.....but belonging to so many groups keeps me busy and keeping in touch with so many wonderful people.......How about you?  How many are you on?


  1. Very interesting this post. thanks for good sharing

  2. I'm alot like you, started with just my etsy shop, always had facebook, but then started a shop facebook, then blog and the very BESTeam, then twitter, followed by ravelry, google+, circle of moms is in there somewhere, creating the hive (which I higly recommend for the crafty fun), flickr of course, Kaboodle, stumbleupon (which I haven't figured out yet), 2 new online shops - 1 at handmadeartitsshop and 1 at zibbet (zibbet is still empty) ....shweeewws. But I'm holding off on pinterest, I ran out of time and energy, lol. but I must say, I love all the new friends I have made here on line, like you. :~D
    - ourhometoyours

  3. OHTY....know what you mean....not enough time in the day....but it is fun...


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