Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Goodreads or Shelfari?

Are you a book reader?  Do you have a Kindle?  It doesnt matter your mode of reading, what matters is that you read.  I am an avid reader and always tried to instill reading in my children....sometimes it didnt work.  Or better yet, the one who would not pick up a book when young, is an avid reader now....go figure.

As an avid reader I am a member of and love both but have been leaning more toward Goodreads....lots of fellow readers and loads of suggestions for good books....I used to buy books from a "best seller" list, so only the most popular authors got my attention.  But when I joined Goodreads, I was introduced to a whole new world of ones who are great and ones who put their first book out there and surprised now I look for those authors, while not well known, have written great books....

With Goodreads it is easy because I get recommendations and everyone out there will write their true feelings about the books.....while the papers just praise the book in order to sell it.
I also belong to and while this site is good too, I just havent gotten into it.  You see on both sites you "friend" people with the same interest in books as you.....and I guess because Goodreads friends are more responsive than Shelfari friends....I am tending to stick with Goodreads more......

Just my you belong to either one?  or both?  If so, let me know your opinion of these great sites for us book worms......

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