Monday, August 1, 2011

Bermuda Cruise - Part 6

 So while our days were pretty busy....we spent out nights taking in the good things in a show every night....they had comics, dancers, name it.....later on the last night of the cruise the whole crew showed up (wonder who was steering the ship?) of that later....

 The most amazing thing I was thrilled with was the sunrises and sunsets....I just kept oohing and aahing....and taking pictures...never got tired of it.

 On the island of Bermuda there was something called the Moongate....a wedding band shaped arch....couples who kissed under it.....well, just read it below.....
We did this often....never got tired of that either......

Of all the stores there were, I was taken by the Bermuda Clayworks where the pottery was out of this world.....
But I handed all my credit cards to hubby and he kept me in line.....


  1. Hi, thank you for participating in Monday Mingle at I am now following and would love to connect with you on Facebook too.

  2. Sundee Faulkner, Bermuda ClayworksOctober 24, 2012 at 7:54 AM

    Good Morning,
    I came across your blurry image after clicking on a link sent to me by one of my regular customers who had googled us for more pics. Thank you so much for the lovely comments on our shop .. so glad you were able to visit! Feel free to use images from our website if you would like for your blog.
    Hope you enjoyed you Bermuda visit. Thank you again.
    Ms. Sundee Faulkner, Owner/Manager Bermuda Clayworks Studios and Gallery, R.N. Dockyard, Bermuda :)


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