Friday, July 15, 2011

What's wrong with people?

I spoke to a new door neighbor recently and told him my hubby and I were going on a cruise...Our first and we were so excited.....actually I am....hubby is still leary about know, pirates and all that stuff.....

Anyway, before he even said - have a good time - or did he even say that....dont remember, because was annoyed at his comment.  You see, hubby lost 85 lbs..looks great and while I am a slow loser, I did manage to drop 45 lbs.....getting there.   So the next door neighbor had to say..."Oh you guys are going to gain alot of weight, there's 24 hour food there!"

Really now, if I wanted to eat, I can save money and stay home in front of the refrigerator.  I am going to the relaxation, quiet, sun, ocean, shows, shops, islands......not the food.  I plan to stay on program - they even have a walking track.....what is wrong with people?

Have you ever planned a vacation and someone knocked the air out of your bubble?  Now I am more determined to lose weight after vacation!


  1. I have had that happen a couple of times. I just ignore them the best I can.

  2. We went on our first cruise in Feb. It was fabulous and we can't wait to go again. Yall will have a great time and yes, while there is food available almost 24 hours a day, that is the least of the experience. Maybe that was the best part of the cruise to your neighbor, and how sad is that? :)
    Have a great time and I'll be looking for a post about it!

  3. @Becky....almost all packed, cant wait...not even doing the computer thing...complete cut off from technology...will blog when I return...even my dentist said I would gain weight...not after the root canal he gave me!

    @pumpedoncaffeine....I will definitely ignore them...have a great weekend.

  4. Maybe his comment had a purpose even he wasn't aware of. If it makes you determined to stay on track and come back slimmer, then it actually had a positive effect.

  5. @Ila...wonderful thinking....I think I like that....will let you know how I do.....


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