Saturday, July 16, 2011


So we finally started to pack yesterday.......since we are leaving tomorrow.....The book says two pieces of luggage for the that is what I did....No problem, 7 days on a ship, how much do you need.....all done except for incidentals which will go into the bag on Sunday....

Hubby on the other hand.......packed up the house.....14 shirts.....for a 7 day cruise?  How many times are we changing here....2 pairs of sneakers, sandals and it all fit in two suitcases is beyond me......I once travelled across the US with one bag....camped it and just washed what we needed......

Anyway, we got it all packed, just have to drop in some makeup (not much) and contacts, brush etc....and we are off......

So my question today much do you pack when you go on vacation?


  1. I always underpack, and I always regret it!

  2. My husband and I are just the opposite from you and your husband. I always overpack and he always underpacks! Have a GREAT time!

  3. Have a great time!
    I always pack too much... have a need to bring all my "stuff".

  4. Great post Bubbe !

    I have my packing down to a science as far as air travel. I always have my free suitcase at between 38 - 40 lbs. because my hubs suitcase is always overweight and he ends up stuffing some of his clothes etc. ( What's that all about...? glad I'm not alone...LOL ! ) in mine at the airport. One of our grocery stores has a free scale and lately, we have taken all our suitcases over there before we go to the airport...saves a lot of hassle !

    I hope you have a beautiful vacation. I've never been on a cruise but would like to go on one to Alaska and the Hawaiian Islands.

  5. Well, we used to have an RV so we really didn't have to pack anything but food. We've only taken two trips since we got rid of it. We only pack clothes for half the number of days we will be gone. We generally wear our clothes two days.


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