Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Diets.........Love or Hate 'em

Wait.....that's silly, what's to love about a diet....but then again I do know people who would not stray from them.....think they are called "skinny".....where this person would not think of eating a whole slice of pie....or finishing off that piece of cake.  Who ever heard of not finishing dessert?

Ice cream....aren't you suppose to eat the whole container?  And one slice of pizza...come on, really?  These are called perpetual dieters.....Me, on the other hand, hate the fact that I have to watch everything that goes into my mouth....or it ends up on my hips.  And that's not nice looking.

I think I was born that way.....constantly on a diet.....it didnt help when my dad had an ice cream route......ice cream every night.  So, how do you feel about diets......I just lost 45 lbs and am at a standstill, so I need a little boost to get me started again.  Have you had a good one?  I am under the impression that less into the mouth and more moving will get you there.  The moving part is hard..........exercise is not my forte!


  1. Just try a tiny bit of extra moving. They say people who fidget burn 300 more calories a day. And if you feel the need for ice cream, don't hesitate. Just be sure that when you find you want some pineapple or cherries (on top of the ice cream hey?) you don't deny yourself that either!

  2. I started dieting when still in high school and continued off and on until about 7 years ago. I finally decided that I would eat right, right for me. I have diabetes and what carbs, but don't count them and I'm not trying any longer to lose weight.

  3. I believe that the best way is to find a balance between exercising and eating well but we all know that this is easier said than done.
    Congratulations on your 45 lbs weight loss! It is hard to resist to all the temptations out there but I think you are in the right path!


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