Sunday, February 13, 2011


I know I am a little early but then again you cant start too early....I placed two green bracelets in my Etsy of them has matching if you wear green for St Patrick's Day....check out my preview pictures here, you will have to take a walk over to my store.

Also, if you are into seed beads.....I have three packages of seed beads - each a different color and will be putting them up for sale this week in my "only five dollars" column - they were previously offered for $8.50 but have been reduced......there are 14 inch strands - 18 pieces all total.....if you like seed beads....keep an eye this week for their appearance.

I am also working on a black and white necklace with matching earrings......

So bookmark my store......and stay tuned for these exciting items coming up soon.

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