Sunday, December 19, 2010

Let me ask you something.....

Know I havent been here since Thursday, but the holidays keep me busy along with work and grandkids and whoops the days go by.  Today is Sunday and am feeling lazy.  The wash sits on the steps waiting to go into the laundry, there is soup in the crock pot....cold outside and here I am reading blogs.....

I was reading some blogs and got a thought in my head so finally got over to my blog to put it on paper.......Let me ask?   Do people walk around with cameras?  So many delightful blogs here have such great pictures.  How do they do that?  I come across great things and say I must blog about that, but of course there are no pictures.  I do have a small camera although I love my DSLR.  Do people carry a small camera, take pix and later blog about it....I often wonder - maybe someone can blog about this.....I see food pictures.....I think of taking pictures after I finish the food of course Thanksgiving was different - actually got the food before they ate it.

So can anyone tell me how these pictures get posted?  Should I carry a camera around?  I do find I am drawn to blogs with pictures than I would like pictures on my blog more.....

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    Really enjoyed checking out your blog!


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