Saturday, July 17, 2010

Butterflies have left my stomach...

Butterflies Comments

Well, feeling better today since last night we were called to the hospital because one of my grandsons passed out.......When my daughter called, we calmed her down and from what she told us, concluded it might be the heat....The heat here on the East Coast has been a killer and since he is only 5....well not the best for him....but the doc said it might be a seizure, so we all ran............After many hours in the hospital, some tests for various things....we are so delighted that it wasnt a seizure, but their conclusion was "it was heat related"....just like grandma thought....So today is a calm down day, although he was a trooper at the hospital and we all ended up at a diner at 10 pm and told him he can have anything he after french fries and ice went home to air conditioning and relaxing today.....all is well in butterfly land.....Watch that heat can be very dangerous.......have a great weekend....

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