Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New shop

Well it has been some opening for school and a hectic week for me.  Started  last week off with a car accident - no one hurt but $2200 worth of damage.  On top of that I have a rental that I hate.  But the good news is I opened another online shop so I will be splitting my work between the two shops.  I even put some items on ebay - now all I have to do is keep track of every thing.  I am still wanting to do a flea market and that will be my goal for next summer as it is too late now.  Waiting for the book I ordered that hopefully will help me sell my stuff online and other places.  Going to make a flyer up for work and maybe get some sales there.  Lots of work ahead of me so going now to get started.....dont forget to check me out.....

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