Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Did you miss the last one?

Are you skeptical about purchasing the A Box?  Did you miss the last one?  If you did, here is why it is so worth the $10 - I even purchased one for myself.  You cant beat the price and yet if you ever wanted to try out some of Avon's makeup - now is the time to do it.

Unfortunately the first A Box is not available any more so it is on to the next A Box available with Campaign 19 which just started.  Need a book to browse through?  Contact me and I will gladly mail you one ...
Here is what you will receive for again -  $10

True Color Glimmersticks Waterproof Eye Liner

True Color Wide Awake Mascara

True Color Moisturizing Eye Makeup Remover Lotion

Anew Platinum Day Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 25

Anew Platinum Night Cream

This is a $52 Value but you can purchase it for only $10 with any $40 brochure purchase - you will also get free shipping!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Ending soon..did you get yours?

As I approach the ending of Campaign 18 I am getting ready for the Fall and the beginning of doing strictly my Avon business.  I am trying to set up a schedule since summer is almost over and instead of going back to work, I will be working my Avon full time.

Getting on a schedule has been harder than I thought.  I did get a planner and fill in days of what I will be doing or have to do, but life has been getting in the way.  I find my myself saying "I'll do it tomorrow" - why not, I have time.  But time has a way of passing us by and the week is gone and nothing has been done.

That is why starting today I am setting aside time for blogging and working my online customers and then will go out and do some tossing of books....that's the plan.

Meantime, the closing date for getting your A Box is coming upon us....Order from C-18 and get it for only $10 with any $40 order.....

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Review: In Seconds

In Seconds In Seconds by Brenda Novak
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Continuing this saga, we now find Virgil married to Peyton and having a baby. But the drama starts when thinking his family is safe because they split up after getting out of WitSec Virgil's sister Laurel finds out some members of the Crew (the gang Virgil was involved with in prison) is now after her first and then the rest of the family.

Laurel will not run and hide any more so she decides to stand up and fight these crazy members of the gang and be rid of them for good. Action filled, suspense, romance and nerve-racking Novak has done it again with a great page-turner!

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Dry No More

Certain medical conditions can give you dry skin.  I recently found out that if you have a thyroid problem you are prone to dry skin.  I never had that problem because I am a big user of skin creams.

Hand cream is always in my bag and I use it constantly.  Bed time routine finds me lathering on my hands and arms and then I use a foot cream (Foot Works is amazing) for my feet.  Feels like I have silk on them in the morning.

But lately I have been a bit lazy and have now found my legs are getting scaly....so now I have started a routine of adding creams to my legs.  After two weeks they are soft and non-scaly - and I owe it all to Moisture Therapy....I keep this big bottle on my nightstand so I do not forgetmy beauty treatment at night.....How is your skin?

This big 33 oz Bonus Size is now only $10.99 each....there are three kinds.  One for sensitive skin, one for extra dry skin and one for dry itchy skin....check it out on page 19 of this campaign's
 brochure here

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The Ants are Coming

With all the rain we have been getting and the fact that I have a garbage can on my deck, I have found there have been a numerous amount of ants finding their way into my house recently.  What to do?  I hate the bug sprays with all their chemicalos and DEET in them especially since I have grandchildren in and out of the house.

So the easiest solution I have found - and it works - is to put some Skin So Soft bath oil in a spray bottle and spray around the screen door off the deck.  The smell is great and it works.  That is one of many uses for skin so soft....want to know more?  Message me and I will send you the list.  Meantime, get rid of those ants (works with flies and all kinds of bugs too!)

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Support Me

One of the many things I have found in being on Social Media is the wide range of friends I have.  I have Avon friends, Book friends, crochet friends, work friends, friends of family, beading friends and the list goes on.

One thing I love to do is share and I often find myself sharing posts and blogs of people who are crafters and fellow DS people.  While I tend to buy from these people I also like to share what they are selling....it doesnt cost anything to push the share button and I am sure I have found a lot of customers from friends using my share button.

So I am asking those of you who see this post to share it with your friends in many ways that are listed below.  In doing so, ....I will contact you as a winner of some Avon samples to be sent to you. All you need to do besides sharing this post is to leave a comment below.  I know you want free samples!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Review: Inside

Inside Inside by Brenda Novak
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Virgil Skinner in jail for something he didnt do. Now exonerated and set free only to be put in a position where he is placed in jail again in order to get info on a rival gang Doing this will keep his sister and her family safe. But they arent safe and needed to be placed in protective custody until Virgil is done. Making it more complicated is Virgil's involvement with the Chief Deputy Warden Peyton Adams.

This book keeps you turning the pages as all Novak's books do. And of course I have started the 2nd in this series to keep the story going.

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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Boho Babe

The cool hues of teals and corals combined to add a bright statement to any outfit.

Necklace and Earring Set for only $24.99

5 piece bracelet set for only $12.99

Pendant and Earring Set for only $14.99

Great Summer Breeze Collection in Campaign 18....get yours while they last at:

www.youravon.com/ashapiro and use code RA2508 for #free shipping today!

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