Sunday, January 15, 2017

Review: Falling in Death and Love

Falling in Death and Love Falling in Death and Love by Magnus Stanke
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

David falls in love only to experience death in his path.
It all happens in Mallorca Spain - beautiful country.....

David falls hard for Aurora and when she returns home for a few months, she comes back with a little girl and some hit men following her.

The book follows what happens - who is crooked - what they are looking for and how David manages to keep both him and the little girl, Alba, alive.

While it is a good story it was very very slow moving and I had a hard time keeping track of what was happening - but that might just be me - I happen to love fast moving thrillers.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Giveaway: Have you tried it?

I am surprised at the amount of people who have never tried Avon.  Avon has been around for 130 years and I have been using and buying it for as long as I can remember.  Many people think Avon is just makeup and I understand some people do not wear makeup.  I dont wear lipstick because I never liked the taste on my lips...even  Chapstick bothers me.  But it doesnt mean I dont love to look at the brochure and find something I do like.

Avon is more than makeup - it is fashion, creams, jewelry and fragrances.  There are items for the home and for children.  And you dont even need to buy the book.  You can request a FREE catalog or browse it by clicking the book right here on my blog.

So I have decided to start something new.  For the first time right here on my blog, before I put it out on social media like Facebook, Twitter etc.....I am offering a Giveaway.  Enter it today - it runs until the end of the month - all I need is your email in the comments below.

One lucky winner will receive an item of Avon - it could be a mascara, a lip liner, a fragrance, a hand cream.....I have many items on hand and am willing to send the lucky winner a free gift with no obligation to buy.  I am confident you will love it and at least take a look through our catalog.

Enter today
If you have never tried Avon - here's your chance --

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Baby, it's cold outside

Every Saturday it is our ritual to get up and out early in the morning.  We stop for lotto tickets, then Dunkin Donuts coffee, then to the bakery for our favorite whole wheat roll - then we are off to the nail salon.  Today hubby got a manicure and I got a pedicure.  And as we were parking the car, the was biggy, We have 4 wheel drive and they predicted only 1-3 inches.

Well by the time we got out of the salon, there was already 2 inches down, and icy.  Even with 4WD I slid through a red light on a main avenue.  So I stuck to the side streets which had more snow and there was better traction.

Our next stop was the pharmacy to pick up some meds.....and then on to the supermarket which was packed, to get some needed food (missed last week to shop)  The two of us dont eat much but with 9 grandkids...well lots of food is consumed.

Today is one of those days where I completely understand why people our age move to I guess we will be in all weekend - reading and relaxing for me.  Hubby loves his TV....We are currently up to 2.8 inches with the forecast for 3-5 inches.  And with 19 degrees outside - its going to ice up.  Think I will have another cup of coffee and work on my Avon (online of course)....nice day to order online.  

Friday, January 6, 2017

Likes and Follows

I just checked my FB page.  The one I use for my business e-store and looked at the statistics.  It seems that I have 394 LIKES and 359 FOLLOWS.  So apparently there are some more people who like my page BUT they do not want to follow me.

I find when I go to someone's page and like them - I automatically follow them.  So why do you like a page?  Because you like what they sell, or what they are saying or representing?  Then why wouldnt you like to follow them....Although I would love to get more likes - hey if you are interested hop on over to my page and give me a like - and I hope you will follow also.

If not, maybe you can tell me why some people like and follow - while others only like.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Review: The Girl Next Door

The Girl Next Door The Girl Next Door by Brad Parks
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Carter Ross is a newspaper reporter. A carefree reporter who follows the leads and not the norm, he comes across the death of Nancy Marino who delivers papers and works at a diner. Doing her obit draws him to her funeral where he finds out there is more to this young girl's death than meets the eye. So he emerges himself into finding out the story behind her life and subsequent death.

But it seems there is something in her story that makes it feel like murder and Carter wont let it go until he finds out - this leads him into some dangerous spots of his paced and surprising outcomes....

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Monday, January 2, 2017

Review: Until I Met Her

Until I Met Her Until I Met Her by Natalie Barelli
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Emma meets author Beatrice - who wants her to publish her book under her own name - being a mystery writer, this book is historical fiction and Beatrice is not sure it will do well. But when Emma Fern gets going the book takes off and so the journey begins.

But when Emma is up for a coveted award - Beatrice changes her mind - and things get hairy to the point of murder, deception and lies. Fast pace book that keeps you on the edge and wanting more. I was surprised at the ending - but the author promises more....

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Sunday, January 1, 2017


I recently had an online conversation with someone who loves cats.  How wonderful they were and how like children there are times we have to take care of them medically.  We sometimes think animals live forever and dont realize like humans, they have ills also.

Taking care of them is more challenging since they cant talk to you.  Recently my DIL found out her cat was diabetic and now has to give him two shots a humans their needs are exhausting and like so many, we go out of our way to make them comfortable.

I have had dogs more than cats - hubby was allergic to my cat that I had when single, so I gave her away to someone who took her to Puerto Rico to live.  So- most of my married life we cared for a dog - medium size - and she grew up with my children.  Until she also got ill and several visits to the vet finally left us the decision to bring her home to die in a day or two or put her down.  We chose the later and still have not gotten another dog - we miss her so much.

Pets can be a joy that stays with you forever but when you lose them, the heart is so heavy with sadness.....Maybe some day I will get another dog or cat...but for now I get to enjoy other people's pets...

Are you a pet person??

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Better Than Last Year

When I started my part time job selling Avon I did it because I wanted to make extra money (who doesn't) so I would not have to dip into household money for things I wanted (not needed)...even dinner out with the ladies would come out of that income....
And so I put some work into Avon in between my full time job and watching the grandkids.  So actually you might say I have a busy life.  I love my job (working in a school affords me a lot of days off) and I love my grandkids (9 of them keep me busy) but after two years with Avon and each year making more than the last......I am really into making this business my life.  The grandkids are growing up so fast and even though I am blessed to have them all around (even the 15 year old hangs out with grandma and grandpa) in 2017 I am going to concentrate more on selling my Avon and actually think of retiring...maybe.
It is quite easy since I run it out of my home; do a lot of contacts online; and everywhere I go I carry brochures, business cards and samples to hand out to anyone and everyone.  This week while I was home for winter break and relaxing in my home, I received a call from someone who picked up my book at the nail salon I go to (they allow me to leave books there every week) So I now have another new customer and when I deliver her order next week I will be dropping off books on her block.
I recently picked up several online customers and made friends with people from - Chicago - Texas - New Jersey - Washington - California (thank you Brenda for the order; you're the best!)  I am also looking to build my team - I have one team member so far and love helping her with this job.
With prices going up everyday, who wouldn't want a little extra money?  So if you are interested in joining my team - its easy - Go to and enter reference code - ashapiro -  and you are on your way....Questions?  Contact me through my website at

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