Friday, September 23, 2016

Make $1,000 in 90 days

Yes, you can do it with Avon.  I do it and love it - I meet interesting people and have come out of my shell to talk to them about my love of Avon.  For great prices you can buy almost anything - because Avon has become more than just makeup.  We have fragrances, moisturizers, concealers, foundations.....and then onto slippers, underwear, dresses, scarves, handbags, jewelry, deodorant, children items, holiday items, plates, cups, candles, pants, shoes, tops...........and so much more.

For a small investment of $25 you get a bundle to start off with of books, samples and products that you can keep or sell - and along with that there is 40% profit.  Check out the breakdown below...and then go to sign up here - - reference code - ashapiro

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Review: All Fall Down

All Fall Down All Fall Down by Tom Bale
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book took me longer than I expected. Found it very slow in the beginning but finally by mid-way it picked up. The story starts off good with a family barbeque that is interrupted by a man in need of help. When the police are called and no one has answers it drags a bit until we find out a bit on the background of Rob and his involvement with some shady people. Was this unexpected visit connected in any way?

But there is another story in the background of a cult group who looks to do harm to innocent people.....and then the family is held hostage in their vacation home, to be tortured and possibly killed. The twins, Josh and Evan, along with their sister, Georgia show their strength in protecting each other and their parents. You get involved in the family and their survival and are brought to the end of the book - wanting more.

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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Interesting fact about Mascara...

As an Avon Rep I feel it is my job to do research about some of the products I sell. I try to learn as much as I can so that I can pass the information on to my customers.
So I looked into Mascara today. I love it, I wear it - but did you know that mascara expires in three months? That means you will have to purchase a new one in twelve weeks...when was the last time you changed your mascara. You will have to purchase at least 4 mascaras a year.
Not that bad but have you seen the price of mascaras? Which one do you use? I tried searching for mascaras and well, there are so many out there. So I picked out a few you might know and researched their Lancome at $27.50 - or IT cosmetics at $29.00 - or Mary Kay at $18.00 - if that is pricey you can try Cover Girl at $11.69.
OR you can buy Avon - Wide Awake Mascara for only $5.99 that instantly lifts lashes for a wide-awake look and locks in curl for hours.
This is a sale price but even it goes back to regular price it will still be affordable at $8.00.....buying 4 of Avon mascaras is still cheaper than one Lancome mascara.......and if you are not satisfied with it - return it within 60 days with your money back guaranteed.......can you do that with other mascaras?????
Or better yet - can you pass on the offer of BUY ONE AND GET ONE FREE?

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Come join my team and make money!

Since my last post, I have had people contact me about becoming an Avon I might be a bit busy since I put in a lot of time building my team. I think of myself as a leader and therefore, I want to be there for my team members.

One of the questions I was asked was "How much can I make?" And believe me with the new program that started Sept 16 you make 40% - that is alot - if you have $150 in orders you would earn $60, a $300 order, you earn $120.  All you have to do is ask people you know that wear make up, use deodorant, use moisturizers, bubble bath, wears jewelry, etc....and ask why can't they purchase those items from you instead of Walmart, CVS or other retail store. You know the prices are going to be better.  And of course the product is so much better too.  One thing I can commit to is the fact that I wear Avon....from their deodorant, to their hair products, to their makeup and hand and body creams.  When I recommend an item to my customer it is not only because I want to sell it but also because I use it and know for a fact that it is the best.

And now Avon has 3 packages you can choose from depending on how much you can or want to spend of starter kits....wish they had this choice when I joined....the premium kit is worth $400 - you can start selling right away with the products and samples you receive in that kit.....dont pass up an opportunity to be selling like a pro....

I recently advised a customer of mine to use a certain replenishing cream for her very dry skin - Nurtura Replenishing Cream - #521514 now on sale for $4.99 - she hesitated of course, but then I told her about our 30 day return policy - dont like it?  Return it for a credit or refund.  So she tried it for two weeks on my recommendation - loved it and ordered two more.  We have firming creams and banishing creams (I use it for those age spots that keep creeping up) Avon is not just makeup anymore.

Ask me how you can earn money today doing what you like - talking to people and communicating your love of Avon to them.  All you need is an hour or two a day to contact people via phone, emal or texting.....and your orders will start coming in.  Become part of my team, and I will walk you through on how to sell for a profit.

Start now at and use reference code ashapiro

Monday, September 12, 2016

Thinking about doing it???

So you havent made up your mind yet.  You keep asking yourself - Why should I sell Avon

This sounds like a lot of work.  I already have a full time job so why would I take on a part time job?  Besides, I already use my favorite makeup - would I have to start using Avon makeup in order to sell more?

Like you, I couldnt make up my mind either.  I have a full time job and while my children are all grown there are 9 grandchildren running in and out of my house at any given time. So why would I want to add to my already busy life?
I sold it once before and gave it up so how would I know if I would continue to do this again. Well, the first time I sold Avon, my youngest of five was just born.  I had a two year old, a four year old, a five year old and a six year old.  So 3 were in school and I had two at home. I sold Avon  for 8 years, loved it, and it helped add to our income.  The teenage years were upon us along with a dog and grandpa - so I decided it was time to stop and get a full time job. But I did miss it. Plus the extra money is always welcome.

Well, here I am - selling Avon again - and its a whole new world with computers.  Years ago everything was done by hand and paper.  Now it is all done online - your orders go in online, payment is done online and other than delivery of is so much easier.  I put orders in with an Avon app on my phone sometimes.  I am always out there meeting new people and you would be surprised at how many people love Avon.  February makes two years that I am a Rep - I have started to grow my team (they didnt have that back then) and am seriously thinking of making this my full time job.  No matter where you are you can run your business....texting is my favorite form of contacting customers and they reply right away.

Even people who say they dont like Avon - they really do.

For instance, this morning a new customer decided to try one of my lipsticks.  She bought it, tried it and came back to me to say she loved it and will definitely be buying more. Sometimes all it takes is one lipstick.  And even if they are not sure, I give out samples...what's better than trying a sample lipstick and loving it.

I am now growing my team and it is so easy.  Once you sign up with me, I will contact you and walk you through anything you need to know.  How do you know you will succeed or not if you dont try?  Dont like it? You can always quit but again I am sure you will love it and succeed.  Are you personable?  Talking to strangers is not my forte but it is amazing how I gently eased into it and now I hand out books to anyone.  I have never had a person turn me down and if they do say no - well, I tell them its "free" and also hand them a sample.

If this blog has swayed you, please go to and use the reference code ashapiro to get you on your journey.  Now only $15 - price to go up starting Sept 16 but not by much - $25...

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Check out the Bravo Collection

Bravo Collection

The time has come to take a look at the Bravo Collection – just waiting for you at great prices…..
Feathers are all the rage for this Fall especially when they come in a silvertone and goldtone ombre effect.

And who else would put together a collection but AVON so be the first to get this collection and show off your style ….
check it out here

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Mom, Mommy, Mother

This blog has been prompted by some other blogs out there on the subject.  Of course, it comes from present day moms raising their little ones right now.  I have raised my five children and must admit I did a good job – with some help from hubby.  You see, as a new mom the only help I had was hubby and he took over the load when things got so overwhelming that I needed a time out. (Yes, moms need a time out too).

As I read other blogs about motherhood I see so many moms getting to the same point.  Yes, motherhood is a big job.  One we never had training for.  Although today’s moms sometimes get help from their own mothers.  I never had that help but managed to raise these kids into great human beings.  Was it easy? No, nothing worth having is ever easy.  But the end result is what is why it is worth it.  I am so proud of my children and have come to the point in  my life where I can sit back and enjoy my family around me.
Now that they have given me 9 grandchildren to hug and kiss, I see what the end result really is and love every minute of spoiling these little ones…so while I am still Mom, Mommy and Mother – I have also become – Grandma and  Bubbe ….

Monday, September 5, 2016

Review: My Sister's Secret: An addictive, gripping and emotional read

My Sister's Secret: An addictive, gripping and emotional read My Sister's Secret: An addictive, gripping and emotional read by Tracy Buchanan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Loved this story. When I first started it I found it jumped between 1988 and 2016 - not my favorite type of read. I get confused jumping back and I had decided this was a 3 star book. But the further I got into the book the more I followed the lives of these amazing three sisters, Faith, Hope and Charity. The story centers around the death of their sister, Faith, and the effect it had on the whole family - the choices they made in life, their feelings and their questions. It finally ends with Charity's daughter, Willow, and the secrets she uncovers about her parents, and her family to finally bring this story to a peak of surprises. Definitely pumped it up to a 4 star book.

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