Saturday, July 22, 2017

There are NO Free Rides

As a mom of five I was working full time but felt with all the kids grown and out of the house I wanted something to do when I retire....along came Avon - I have been a Rep for the past 2 yrs, love it, meet great people and make extra money for those extra joys in life....I am since retired and loving my new life.

I often come across FB posts that want to know about work that pays well.  But these people dont want scams and dont want to put any money upfront.  Well, there are no such things as free rides.  What people dont realize these days is you have to work for what you want.  Nothing comes free....oh, except those scams.

Can Avon make you rich?  YES - with hard work.  Orders dont come to you.  No one is looking to spend money.  You have to go out and get them.  Depending on how hard you work for it - you will do well.  Get out there and leave books all over, talk to your neighbors and friends and tell them to pass the word around.

Tell people Avon is more than just makeup.  An analyzes of my business just showed my highest sales is in fashion - I sell tops, pants, shoes, sandals and yesterday I delivered a coat to a customer who loved it.  She tried it on right there and was surprised how well it fit.  And that is another things - dont like it?  Fine, we take it back to be returned or exchanged....your choice!

So dont look for those get-rich-quick-schemes.....think about how long Avon has been in business (130 years) and realize they must be doing something right!  And yes we do have a start up fee - but how much is your choice.....I myself went for the smaller bundle - it is not just money upfront get products you can use to start your business.

One of my team members went for the big bundle ($100) because she wanted all the products and the tote bag also.

So contact me for more info to join my team or go directly to my website and click on #bosslife at

Friday, July 21, 2017

Review: Everything We Left Behind

Everything We Left Behind Everything We Left Behind by Kerry Lonsdale
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is a series. So I suggest you read Everything We Keep first or you will be lost. I had to read the next book because once James disappeared the previous book leaves you with the feeling that Aimee is going to find him. But what we dont know now is that James has become Carlos and living in Mexico in a state of fugue. I didnt even know there was such a thing and looking is up made me better understand what James/Carlos was going through.

Again this book has some surprises, romance and a lot of anger - between family members....and lots of secrets. Keeps you turning the pages BUT the reason it didnt get 5 stars is that it keeps jumping back and forth in the story between Carlos in his present state and then when he realizes he is James and doesnt remember a Carlos (fugue state)....this is not a book to put down and pick up a day or two later. You need to continuously read this book so you dont lose track of what is going on....

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

How to Get Rid of that Ring

I didnt want it anymore.

I was tired of seeing it day in and day out.

Nothing helped


I used Skin So Soft Bath Oil

One cap full in the tank - once a month - keeps the ring away!

Dont believe me?  Try it. Currently on sale!  Item #941253

What do you have to lose?  You can always use the bath oil on yourself.  It's America's favorite bath oil, and sure to be yours, too! Pamper yourself with Skin So Soft Original Bath Oil. This jojoba infused luxury bath oil helps your skin and mind with its uplifting botanical and herbal scent. Stay radiant by using our moisturizing bath oil during your bath and shower. Take your skin from dry to soft, smooth, and touchable with Skin So Soft moisture locking formula. Keep your skin hydrated longer with the larger 25 fl. oz. bottle! 

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Win a prize & keep the bugs away

It's hot this summer....what are you doing to keep cool?  When the temp reaches 95 degrees do you stay in or are you one of those people who will go out anyway.  Well, I love the hot weather and although there are time I will stay in the air conditioned house or store or will probably find me sitting on the patio reading and sipping my wine (or coffee in the morning).

But along with loving the hot humid weather, comes bugs.  Flies, bees, mosquitoes and of course ticks.  So I never leave home or go out on my patio without my Bug Guard.....and it keeps those bugs away.......Avon is still having their sale on them so make sure you get yours my store -

Anyone who places an order of $25 or more this week through my website  will be placed in my weekly raffle to receive a #free prize from me...

remember to use code RA2507 to get free shipping on any order over $25!

this prize offer ends on Friday, July 21, 2017

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Start your own business today!

I've been getting messages the last two days inquiring about joining Avon and selling to make a 40% profit.  Yes, Avon is having a special right now - and it will not last - where you can make 40% profit from all your selling.

And the more you sell, the higher your profit will be.  I am also hearing that some of you do not have the start up fee.  Avon has given us three choices: $25 or $50 or $100.  One of my team members also was hesitant to spend that I told her to put aside a few dollars each week special for Avon and when she had the amount she wanted, then join.  Well, she listened and went for the $100 kit because it gave her more for her money.  But you can buy the $25 kit - it still has so much more.

If you are really serious in making Avon your business - once you join you also get a free website and continuous help not only from me but from groups on  FB and youtube recordings, giving you great ideas to continue and grow your business.  Wouldnt you like to be your own boss?

Ask me how or if you have already decided go straight to and sign up using reference code ashapiro

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Finding Time for......

Reading?  As an avid reader I am always carrying my Kindle around with me.  That is one of the reasons I carry a tote bag....besides my Avon books and samples, I find my Kindle stuck in the corner of my bag because you never may be sitting somewhere waiting (arent we always waiting for something) and it becomes an opportunity to read.


We recently took in a Broadway show - drove all the way into the city in snail traffic but managed to arrive 1/2 hour before they opened the doors.....and waited - and read.....

I have been searching blogs that write about reading, not only their reviews but also what they think of reading - how they get reading done within their day.  And I started to think about how much people read.  One blog said she wanted to read 5 books for the month of  June and ended up reading 9.  It used to take me 2 weeks to read a book, therefore I could only claim about 2 books per month.

But now that I am retired, I find there is more reading time - or am I just making more time because I know I can do other things tomorrow....Ahh, that word "tomorrow"....while I have used it in regard to laundry, cleaning and cooking......I have never said I would read tomorrow...and on that note I will end and ------go back to reading.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Review: Everything We Keep

Everything We Keep by Kerry Lonsdale
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have found me a new author. First time I had read Lonsdale's book and now cant wait to start the next in this series. Imagine getting married, and your boyfriend goes on a business trip before the wedding, only to disappear. That's what happens to Aimee....but since she doesnt believe he is gone she goes ahead with the funeral (on what was supposed to be her wedding day) and tries to pick up her life. She meets Ian whom she is falling for but in the back of her mind she feels James is still alive....especially when a psychic tells her so.
Everything We Keep

So this adventure takes you to Mexico where Aimee is trying to find James and what she finds out is powerful mind blowing stuff.....keeps you turning the pages....especially all the underlying stories involved in this relationship....and it doesn't end....Book #2 here I come!

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Big Seller

And now is the Time to buy because they are selling out fast.  Just had two customers get their orders and they love them.  They come in a four pack - so you get 4 of them - different colors, the sizes are true and the only complaint that I ever get is that Avon is all out of them and they are not coming make your purchase today.....and remember the code RA2507 for #freeshipping on only a $25 order.

And you can get all 4 for just $24.99......go directly to my website to get yours today!

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