Monday, February 20, 2017

Snag-a-bag time!

Nothing makes you feel better than putting on a pretty face. I believe we all have pretty faces but a little makeup never hurt. I always feel undressed if I leave the house without at least some eyeliner.

Of course I have very small eyes and in order to bring them out that eyeliner must go on. Some mascara and lip gloss and I am ready to meet the world. So I have accumulated a lot of samples from Avon and in order to bring in the new samples of products coming this spring, I am offering a great deal. If it is a success, I will be doing this once a month.

No strings attached - I just feel unless someone tries a product - and I am lucky to be able to offer samples - they just don't want to buy.  Of course Avon has that 100 % guarantee - don't like it - ship it back.  But what if you can try a fragrance, a lipstick, a cream??

So the following offer is going out to you - please share so everyone can get in on the deal...but remember - it is for the first 25 people that respond......start the countdown!
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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Avon Campaign 6 Shopping Spree

Every one loves sales and this is our semi-annual sale that is loaded (over 200 items) with great deals.
Check out the following pages with links to my online brochure for great savings going on now!

There is so much more in the brochure....just click the link below the picture and browse the book.  Get them while they last.

Thursday, February 16, 2017


So I took the day off today to get my third and last injection.  They wouldn't give me an evening appointment so I had to take the day.  Not that I cant but it seems one day away from work makes me get behind three days of work.  I have a routine that I follow and now I have to do catch up.  But I had no choice.  Sitting here after arriving home two hours ago and nursing my knee.  It is sore (from the injections) and a bit stiff.  But it usually takes 24 hours to feel better.

The best news is I am done with the injections and only have a follow up in six weeks.  By that time it will be spring and baseball will be in motion - and I will feel better.

Hoping these injections do the job so that I can begin walking more and even step up my business.  My job at Avon involves talking and meeting with people and my knee problem was making that difficult.  Of course my grandson, love him, does a lot of tossing of books for me in different neighborhoods (for the price of Burger King) and while that helps I really enjoy meeting new people and getting the word out about Avon.

My online orders are getting much better and since people order online and leave their address I have built up a contact file and often mail out samples and "thank you's" to all my customers.  I takes time and a bit of money but I think customers like that personal touch.

I also mail out samples to anyone who asks and am willing to even put you on my monthly mailing list for my brochures.  Think about it - interested?  contact me for a book today!  Or fill out the form to the right of this blog to request one.  You wont be sorry - especially since there are wonderful sales going on now.  Have a great day!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

I love sales....

I love them, follow them and make it my business to offer them.  Well, we are in luck this week because we have a whole book of sales.  Campaign 6 is full of great buys like:

1. Up to 65% off on fragrances (when was the last time you spent $9.99 of cologne.

2. Candles - for only $8.99 - you know that other company is way more expensive.

3. Disney Frozen Jewelry box for only $9.99

4. Watches ranging from $8.99 to $12.99

5. Bangle bracelets for $3.99

6. Handbags for $21.99

These are just a few items in our current campaign.  Take a look now while they are available at and remember #freeshipping is always available.  Browse through our brochure now - click on the book to the right of this blog....

Monday, February 13, 2017

Here We Go Again

I just got the announcement that Avon will be discontinuing their coupons and great deals.  You can no longer go to Ebates, or use Retail Me Not to get the deals.  So Avon Reps are unhappy since we know our customers love deals and coupons and free shipping.

Of course you can always get free shipping when you spend $40, but some of my customers just don't want to or even can't spend that much.  And it is something I truly understand - because - I am the same way.  I have shopped online and used coupons, free shipping, ebates, etc. - anything to get that final charge down.

But today I received an email from Avon - and if you have registered on my site you received the same email - that you can get free shipping when only spending $25 on Avon.  I love these deals.  It is a Valentine Surprise!

So enjoy your Valentine's Day and use the code XOXO to get that free shipping now - because I dont know when will be the next time Avon will have this deal.  But I will definitely let you know......
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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Review: The Sound of Rain

The Sound of Rain The Sound of Rain by Gregg Olsen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I am exhausted reading this book. Just when I thought I knew who was involved in the kidnap/murder of Kelsey Chase - it changed....evidence pointed to so many people - I actually had to re-read some chapters. Even after Nicole loses everything by turning Danny in, she doesnt stop her own investigation to find Kelsey's killer. Even when it takes her back two decades. But by doing that she finds out more about the people involved than she bargained for. Will this book keep your interest? Just done take it to bed to read - you will not get to sleep that night! AND you will be surprised at the ending....I was!

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Knee Time

I recently got diagnosed with very bad arthritis in my knees ( I am getting old) and was told I would need knee replacement surgery (yeah, right - 3 months of recuperation and physical therapy - no way).
I am the type of person who cant sit still - yes, I can when I want to read - otherwise, I need to be busy, especially during the day.  So I opted for another way to ease the pain.  And this included gel injection in the knee.
That was back in December and then I found out the whole process needed insurance approval, which may take up to 3 months.  Well, between the doctor's assistant and my constant phone calls - we did it in one month.  The meds came in (apparently there are three injections to complete the procedure) and today was the first.
OMG - after waiting in the office for two hours, I finally got to see the doctor.  He takes out this huge needle - and I closed my eyes - literally - and he proceeds to prod my knee for the right spot - injects lidocaine to numb it - that hurt and then injects the gel  - I am sitting here typing this with the leg up - it hurts.  And the thought of doing it two more times scares me.  I did ask the doctor if I would feel better tomorrow and he answered "I hope so."
So I am hoping so too......but we will see....Meantime, I have my Avon orders to deliver tomorrow - maybe a glass of wine will help?
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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Review: The Butterfly Garden

The Butterfly Garden The Butterfly Garden by Dot Hutchison
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

There is a garden that is hidden and in it there is a paradise - beautiful trees, flowers and a collection of butterflies that no one knows about. Because they are young women who have been kidnapped, kept in this garden with others, tattooed with butterflies on their back and then finally forever kept as specimens.

Only when this Garden is finally found out do you get the story from one of its captives, Maya, who tells us about the twisted mind of its owner, known as the Gardener. But Maya is a mystery herself and the FBI is intent on finding out her story. Good story and a page turner.

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