Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Taking Care of Business

Run a business?  Want to run a business?  I have been my own boss for almost three years now and love it.  So much that instead of doing it part time, I retired and am now doing it full time.  But full time does not mean getting up early and running out the door to get to work.

Full time for my business is getting up around 8 am, getting dressed or not, depending on the type of day it is.  Raining? Snowing?  Not going out.  I make my way downstairs and make breakfast and sometimes read for awhile.

My business day then starts at 10 am.  If it is a nice day out, I may go out and toss brochures, or drop of books to specific people and businesses.  I find 5 customers to speak to and give out my information, along with a book and several samples.  If it is not nice out, I go directly to my computer, answer my emails, and post on Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. to get the word out about my latest products and discounts.

I will then stop for lunch, and return to the computer to work on my blogs and schedule a post for later in the day.  If I have time I will make up some Valentine gifts to sell, stamp some new books that arrived, print out some flyers.....and if I dont have time, well, that can all wait for tomorrow.

I leave my evenings free for house work or just relaxing....it is all stress free.  Because I am working my business on my time and at my rate....

Doesnt it sound good?  Ask me how you can be a beauty boss of your own business.  Join my team and you too can make money for that summer vacation.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Spring in January

Take off the coats and boots today as the high temp will actually reach close to 50 degrees.  And that is why so many are sick.  We dont know how to dress anymore.  Mornings are cool so we wear our winter clothing and by noon time the temperature rises to where we are all sweaty with our layers of clothes.

Upon leaving this morning I would need the boots...it was going to rain.  And so several hours later my feet were unbearably hot and I couldnt wait to get those boots off.  No hat or gloves today either.  But what about tomorrow.  This unusual warm weather is making us sick.  While I do not love the cold weather, it does get rid of those germs floating around and well, it isnt spring yet.

And so we carry on expecting this weather to change any day and probably a snow fall is in the future...it is still winter you know...but today is great so I will get out and work my business a while until the next snowfall.

How are you dealing with your weather?

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Too early for Spring?

As I left this morning on my usual route of shopping and deliveries, I left the house in my coat, gloves and sweater.  Well, it was 35 degrees outside.  As the day progressed, it ended up hitting 50 degrees and felt hotter with the sun beating down on me.  I shut the heater off in the car and actually opened up a window.  It felt so good to feel the warmth that I started thinking about Spring.

Looking forward to sitting on the patio, with drink in hand (coffee? wine?) and reading my book.  I also am looking forward to planting.  I plan to start a vegetable garden (tomatoes?  peppers?) and of course I am going to do flowers...beautiful colors.

I came across beautiful throw pillows and planters I am thinking of buying so my patio will have some class.  These planters are beautiful and ceramic which I love as they are easy to clean.  What do you think?  Too early?  Probably... because I am sure we are not done with the snow yet.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Review: The Silent Children

The Silent Children The Silent Children by Carol E. Wyer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Det. Carter is on a case again. This time people are dying all over and she cant figure out why. The book switches between THEN and NOW. But you wont find out until nearly the end that they are intertwined with two of the characters who had a big part in the story.

You think you know the reason for these killings and who it was but you will be surprised because it is not what it seems. The book also shows us how abuse (both physical and verbal) of young children affects their lives when they are all grown. It also has a bit of greed thrown in there.

It's a book I could not put down, therefore, a five star one.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Ready for Spring?

I am so ready and can't wait.  Need to get into my flower garden and possibly start another vegetable garden.  Last year I was lax and didnt grow any tomatoes...and there is nothing like fresh grown tomatoes.

I also enjoy sitting on my patio with a cup of coffee and reading or crocheting....without a coat.  Today it is snowing and raining together.  Cold, dreary, no sun and I am having a hard time getting ready to go out in it.  Because we must pick up our medications at the pharmacy, and get some light bulbs needed in various parts of the house before we end up in darkness.  I also need some filters for the HVAC system.  But the cold and rain and snow are doing a number on my knees and I dont have the energy to get up and put on my sweater and coat and the new hat I just bought.

I also enjoy baseball...and when that starts (few weeks pitchers and catcher report) I do have hope that this weather will be behind us and we will be bathing in the sun and warm weather.  I envy those who have warm weather all year round....although there is no way I will be leaving NY despite the weather.

I love my house, my neighbors, my family and the surrounding neighborhoods.  My business is here although I work from home and can take my business anywhere.  But I will miss my nearby customers who will have to order online if I move.  And most of them would rather have that face-to-face contact.

So here I sit watching the snow and rain falling....but at some point I will have to go out in it...

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

New Year - New You

We have all heard it...it comes every year, right after the holidays.  You gained too much weight from all the eating you have done and all the cakes you consumed.  So now you feel bloated and heavy and need to join that gym.  They all have their specials going....so now is the time.  But you are not into all that gym stuff...what to do.

Well, if you are like me (or not since I am always on a diet) you will start to eat healthy.  And my healthy I dont mean salads all day (Hate salads plus it doesnt agree with my stomach).

So why not just take it one meal at a time.  Start off with a good breakfast because that is your fuel for the day.  My lunch usually consist of a smoothie (love them, very fulling) along with a Hunger Block - that holds me off until dinner.  I try not to eat in-between meals because that makes me hungrier.  So I will drink water or tea until dinner which I make early - some sort of protein and vegetable and a little carbs (small potato, or piece of bread or half cup of pasta)....

Exercise is not in my vocabulary...never was one for it but I do like to walk and try to get some in everyday.....

What's your plan for a healthier 2018?

Monday, January 15, 2018

All you need is friends...

As we go through life we find friends everywhere.  First it was family friends, friends on the block, friends at school, friends at work...friends in the neighborhood ... and there is a great bonding that one does not realize until you dont see those friends anymore, or as often.

I recently retired and of all the things that has happened since that time....my one thing I miss the most is seeing those friends I made at work.  But the older I get the more I find out that even if we dont see each other every day...there is still a friendship there that is never broken.

And somehow when we do get together we have so much more respect and love and cherish the time we do meet up and talk about our families and what our plans are.....so friendship never really ends.  It just gets put on the back burner for a while - to then come out and be cherished even more than before....

Have you called a friend today?

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Review: When We Touch

When We Touch When We Touch by Brenda Novak
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another Novak book that grips you and you must finish reading (didnt do the laundry again). This time a romance....Olivia leave Whiskey Creek to become a wedding planner in Sacramento. Only to find her boyfriend has fallen for her sister and plans on marrying her after she becomes pregnant with his child. And on top of that, Olivia is asked by her family to plan to wedding.

She makes the journey back home to please her parents only to find out it is not so easy - especially when there is also an attraction to her ex-boyfriend's stepbrother. Sweet story that makes you wonder where it will all lead.

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